Colins Place
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Publicity Material from Bournemouth Transport

(From the collections of C.Littlefield and L.R. James)

Bournemouth Corporation Crest

Bournemouth Transport Roundel from 1980

Bournemouth Transport "Buzzcard" logo from the 1990's

Route Map, from Timetable booklet June 1977.

Map from Timetable booklet September 1982

Map from Timetable booklet September 1990

Map from Timetable booklet May 1999

Post Card from the early 1980's

Flexi - disc given away free, and Post Card, from May 1983, to publicise the 50th anniversary of the first trolley bus service, and the 90th of Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.

Post card from Bournemouth Museums

Post card from 1998


Advertisement, from 1987, for Yellow Buses and Yellow Coaches.

Advertisement from 1990

Timetable booklet from June 1977

Timetable booklet from May 1981

Timetable booklet from September 1984

Timetable booklet from May 1999