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Shamrock & Rambler Picture Gallery

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All pictures from the Colin Parker Collection (unless otherwise stated.)

D201FFX  Charlie 1 D201FFX (201)Ford Transit "Charlie 1" 
seen in Barrack Road, Hurn, Christchurch in January 1998. 
Then it was owned by Turner Commercials (Q). ex St.Edward Campion Church of Bournemouth.Since sold to ??.
Picture by Colin Parker
D201FFX (201) Ford Transit. "Charlie 1"
seen at Yeomans Way depot.
D207FFX (207) Ford Transit. "Charlie 7"
seen at Bournemouth Square
D208FFX (208) Ford Transit. "Charlie 8"
seen at Bournemouth Square
D215GLJ (215) Freight Rover Sherpa "Charlie 15 "
seen at Bournemouth Square
D217GLJ (217) Freight Rover Sherpa "Charlie 17"
seen on Wimborne Road in Winton, Bournemouth
D226GLJ (226) Freight Rover Sherpa "Charlie 26 "
seen in Poole 1/10/88.
D228GLJ (228) Freight Rover Sherpa "Charlie 28"
seen at Avenue Road in Bournemouth 6/87.
D705HUA (705) Freight Rover Sherpa / Optare "Charlie 705"
seen at Bournemouth Square
D706HUA (706) Freight Rover Sherpa / Optare"Charlie 706"
seen at Yeomans Way depot, Bournemouth
D709HUA (709) Freight Rover Sherpa / Optare "Charlie 709 "
seen at Bournemouth Square
C136YJT (136) MCW Metroliner (Sir Lancelot)
seen in Poole, approaching the Wilts & Dorset bus station.
C137YJT (137) MCW Metroliner (Sir Geraint)
seen at Yeomans Way depot.
JOX482P (502) Leyland National Mk.1 
seen at Epsom 1/6/88.