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ECG112K at Poole 4/99    Ex Provincial Bristol RELL6G/ECW ECG112K (12) at Poole Gathering 18th April 1999.
   New in 1972, it was withdrawn in April 1984 and sold to Portsmouth based Royal Marine Cadet Corps. Purchased for preservation in March 1995 by Terry Lawson of Gosport.
National HOR413L at Netlry July 1996     Ex Provincial Leyland National HOR413L (13) at Netley Bus Rally July 1996. 
    New in November 1972, it was delivered in NBC green, repainted into Peoples Provincial emerald green and cream livery in January 1990. 
    In January 1996, it was retired and sold for preservation. It has since been repainted into NBC green livery. 
    I believe it is now owned by Simon Nicholas of Portsmouth.
National HOR413L at Netley July 1996  Ex Provincial Leyland National - HOR413L  (13) (see above)
A302KJT at Netley Rally July 1999
Provincial Leyland National Mk.2 A302KJT (402) at Netley Rally in July 1999.
  New in 1984, it is still in service with First Provincial.