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Bristol Lodekka / ECW Picture Gallery

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All pictures by and © Colin Parker (unless otherwise stated)

GLJ748D at Netley 7/96 Ex Hants & Dorset
Bristol FLF6G/ECW GLJ748D (1237 ex 1540) at Netley Bus Rally in July 1996. 
    This vehicle was new to Hants & Dorset in 1966 and was withdrawn in 1980, it then passed to Good News Travel in Hull, then various Driver Training Companies, before being preserved by D Sheppard and family, from Berkshire.
LLJ443F at Poole 18/4/99 Ex Hants & Dorset
Bristol FLF6G/ECW LLJ443F (1274 ex 1577) at Poole Bus Station on 18th April 1999, taking part in the "Running Day". 
    New in 1968, and withdrawn in 1980.
    It has been owned by A Geisler of Hadley Wood, Herts since 1990.
KRU224F at Poole April 1998 Ex Hants & Dorset 
Bristol FLF6G / ECW KRU224F (1254 ex 1557) at Poole Bus Station in April 1998, taking part in the "Running Day".
    New in 1967, and withdrawn in 1980.
    It was purchased directly from Hants & Dorset by the present owners, who have now owned it longer than it was in service for H&D!!. Now owned by M.Caldicott, T.Cook, G.Cummings & S.McGill. 

Photograph by Colin Littlefield

UEL723(1338 then 1402) a 1957 Bristol LD6G fitted with platform doors, originally Hants & Dorset 

seen at Epsom Downs, Derby Day.    5 June 1985.

Photograph by & © Peter Relf. 

OHR123 originally Wilts & Dorset (622 then 423), Bristol  LD6G / ECW, later Hants & Dorset driver trainer, (9097).  .
seen at Barton Park, Eastleigh.   3 September 1981.

Photograph by & © Peter Relf. 

EMR294D originally Wilts & Dorset (678 then 213), Bristol FLF6B  / ECW, later Hants & Dorset driver trainer (9094) 3/81, renumbered (9204) 9/81, 
seen at Southampton (Hants & Dorset) Garage [site since re-developed], 13 June 1983.

Photograph by & © Peter Relf.