Colins Place

Damory Coaches
(Hants & Dorset Motor Services Ltd)

The firm was founded in the early seventies by the Kimber family. Originally from Winchester, Vic and
Maureen Kimber moved to Blandford to run a petrol filling station, next to the Damory Oak public house.  They decided to diversify into minibus operation and, under the name Damory coaches, gradually built up a six vehicle full size coach fleet.  They took on private hire and school contract work and built their own garage and maintenance facilities at Blandford Heights.  They also provided one stage carriage service, from Pimperne to Blandford, on Thursday Market day.

In May 1993, the Wilts & Dorset directors purchased Damory Coaches' goodwill and vehicles, and leased the garage at Blandford Heights from the Kimbers and secured the secretarial help of Maureen Kimber.

Wilts & Dorset purchased a shelf company and renamed it, Hants & Dorset Motor Services Ltd, trading as Damory Coaches

Ian Gray became the manager of Hants & Dorset Motor Services Ltd at around that time, he previously worked for Hants & Dorset, at Bournemouth, then for Wilts & Dorset at Poole.  Damory Coaches began stage carriage services in November 1993.

The businesses of Oakfield Travel and the Stanbridge & Crichel Bus Company, both owned by T.C.Greenslade of Blandford, were sold to Guildford and West Surrey Buses, an offshoot of London & Country Buses in April 1993. They were acquired, by Damory Coaches in November 1993. Stoneman of Belchalwall was taken over at the same time. Another local firm, the Blandford Bus Company, operated by John Cumming,  folded soon afterwards and its main routes only were acquired in January 1994.  The Verwood to Christchurch route of Wilts & Dorset, previously taken over, in February 1989, from Verwood Transport, also passed to Damory.

Damory Coaches also has a depot at Sunrise Park, in Blandford, and currently has a fleet of around 40 vehicles.